A short story

She waited anxiously in front of the operation theatre, her face bearing signs of anxiety and fear. Things had been happening to fast in the last 1.5 hours, and she had not yet recovered from the unexpected incident in the Pebbles cinema.

She and Lucius had been together for several months, and she loved him a lot. He was spontaneous and funny, and most importantly, she found him understanding and easy going. He was always there for her, and often put up with her occasional childishness, and never raised a word against her. They had been courting each other for four months, and she had never been so happy in her life.

She broke into tears, as a wave of memories washed through her brain. Please, let nothing happen to him. she prayed silently. The operator theatre light was still on, and she couldn’t see what was going on inside. However, she could hear Lucius’s scream of pain, and the noise gave her goosebumps. She took stock of her emotions, and her mind rewinded to what had happened 90 minutes back.

She and Lucius had been watching the movie “Finding Nemo” at the Pebbles cinema, when she felt him shift uncomfortably in his position.

“What’s the matter, Lucius?” she enquired.

“Nothing, honey. Just a little pain in my belly. Must be the oysters we had for lunch…” he replied, hunching over towards the ground.

“Oh! Shall we leave? Let’s go home.” she nudged him.

Lucius didn’t reply. He fell over, and moaned in pain. “Aargh! It hurts!” he groaned, clutching his stomach. Panic swept over her, as she tried comforting him, gently stroking his head. “Get the ambulance!” someone in the background yelled.

In an hour, Lucius found himself in the operating room, leaving her outside, her face creased with despair and anxiety.

The door to the operating theatre opened, shaking her out of her stupor. The doctor moved over to her, and removed his mask.

“Lucius is fine” he smiled. “And the best news is, you are now a proud mommy!”

Relief flooded her heart, and she was still unable to believe the good news. “Can i see him now, doctor?” she said in a weak voice.

“Of course!” he beckoned towards a room next to the OT. She veered to the room, and looked through the glass window where Lucius laid on a soft bed, and next to him were three small cradles. She opened the door silently, and strode to her mate’s bed.

“Honey! You have made me a proud mommy!” she said excitedly, throwing glances at her cute babies. Lucius smiled weakly in reply, and held her limb gently. She sat in front of him, and the couple continued to hold limbs, not uttering a word.

Mr. Sturgeon, the doctor, smiled to himself, as he watched the seahorses admire their fledglings.


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