55 fiction!

No way out

He looked hither and thither, making sure the coast was clear. This was the opportunity to escape from his prison.Without hesitation, he hurried towards the exit, but halted in his tracks, as a menacing figure came out from nowhere onto his path. “No more tea breaks! Go back to work,you moron!” his PM scowled angrily.


“Click click” went the sound of the scissors as the hair stylist expertly snipped off the excess hair. The women on either side dutifully polished the nails a warm pink, and the lady at the end massaged the soles of the feet. Ranjit looked at the mirror, and smiled in satisfaction, admiring his new lipstick.

The savior

The waitresses emerged from their hiding places, to find the restaurant a complete mess. Broken furniture and glass were strewn around, as were the hooligans who had troubled them 15 minutes earlier. In the midst of this destruction stood our hero. “How can we repay you?” they asked. He replied “There’s no charge for awesomeness!”

Dark times

He woke up suddenly, sweat pouring down his face. Something was not right. He went down the stairs to the hall, and found a body in a pool of blood, a card next to it. “No,Alfred!! I will kill him for this!” he cried out. Immediately a voice behind him said “Why so serious, Bruce?”

Making Love

He saw her sleeping in her bed, wearing nothing but a thin nightie. Without making a sound, he slung out of the open window, and tiptoed to the bed. Gently he climbed on it, and his face inched closer to hers, lips parted. He licked her face, startling her awake. “Tommy! You stupid feline! “