A bad hyde in hyderabad – part 0

I am starting a mini blog series about the 4 days i have spent in the twin cities of hyderabad and secunderabad so far. I am not gonna write a story on my hyderabad trip, so you can expect short to moderate posts covering each day in the city of Nawabs.

In case you are wondering why this is part-0, this implies the day of the trip to hyderabad on independence day from chennai, which deserves a mention for the travel from Bangalore to Chennai by the phamous KSRTC rajahamsa bus, thanks to which i nearly failed to make it to the Central station!

The original plan – start from Infy Blore by 8.15 bus, reach Majestic by 9.30-9.45, have dinner and catch the 10.45 KSRTC bus. Zimble.

Soon its August 14th evening, and I get ready to leave office at 6.45, to pack my bags. The moment I step out of the building, I find it raining hard. God! Looks like it’s going to be a tough ride to Majestic. I reach home at 7 and slink off my wet rainjacket, and begin packing. My other roomies also come around the same time and we all are ready by 7.40. It’s raining really heavy now.

Roomie 1 suggests we have dinner at 7.45 itself, as there was a really bad traffic jam in Hosur road, thanks to the never-ending downpour. We consent with him and have dinner at the next door Andhra mess. Even after 20 minutes, the rain shows no signs of reducing in intensity, so we 3 guys ran like hell towards the Infy bus terminal, sheltering our heads from the stinging rain, only to realize the 8.15 bound bus to Majestic had already left. 😦 So we waited for half an hour and got some bus to the station at 8.45.

Our bus starts at 10.45, so I calculated we would reach there by 10.15-10.30 at most. However, I was horribly proved wrong. 😦 I have no words to say about the traffic nightmare that night. My watch read 9.45, and we had not yet reached Madivala! 😡 I believed we would have been better walking off all the way to Majestic. *Rest of the paragraph censored*

It was 10.45pmand the bus was simply idling somewhere near Majestic, caught in a quagmire of automobiles, the rain gently hitting the windshield. We had enough of the farce, and walked off from there hurriedly to Majestic, concerned we might miss our bus. We were not alone; several young people like us thronged the water clogged pavements, also anxious not to miss their buses. After 20 minutes of frantic walking and enquiries, we landed at the chennai bound bus platform at 11.10 pm roughly. We made another round of enquiries and confirmed that our bus had not yet arrived, which gave us ample time to gather our breath and restore our pent up energy.

A lot of buses came way late beyond their schedule, and the platform was crowded with sleepy eyed and frustrated passengers. You never know which bus was coming, and had to ask the driver. To my chargin, I realized there were several chennai buses at odd timings like 10.01, 10.39, 10.42 etc, and our bus had not yet arrived even after 1 hour of waiting.

Buses continued to alight the platform, but none of them was ours. We waited desperately for the 10.45 bus, our legs aching, struggling to keep our eyes open or watching the rain falling against the backdrop of the floodlights. Finally, our bus arrived, and a glance at my watch read 2.15 am. 😐 I was expecting to reach Chennai at 7, but still reaching at 11 was ok, as it gave me a few hours to relax before 4.30. The bus left at 2.45, and we were finally relieved to be home bound.

At approximately 4.15 am, we were shaken out of our sleep by a sharp scraping sound and some sudden jerking of the wheels, before the bus screeched to a halt. It seemed that our bus nearly collided with the rear of a lorry and the driver had veered to the left to avoid it, but a metal part protruding from the side of the lorry made contact with the right headlight of the bus, breaking it apart and damaging the engine. Even after one hour of pushing the bus either way collectively, the engine refused to start and all; other drivers came to help ignite the motor, but it obstinately remained mute.

Our driver said that we could not move on, and he had called for a replacement bus. At this point, I was fuming inwardly. Damn! Would I ever reach home on time?  My roomies and I decided never to board a KSRTC bus forever, and would rather go from Hosur. The spare bus would come at 9 am only, and for 4 hours my mind was tormented with worry and anxiety. At 7 am, I informed my folks about the long delay, and as expected they became totally worried. They kept calling me back asking whether the other bus had come. And even after the second bus had arrived at 9.15,  my dad continued calling me, to know how longer it would take to reach Chennai and whether I would come before 4. Phew! What a torture it was for me.

At 3 pm, we reached Koyambedu terminus, and immediately i caught a bus to my home. I reached at 3.40 pm to land in the arms of my finally relieved folks. 😀 My plans for the day, which included meeting my cousin from Canada and a friend, were totally ruined, but atleast I had arrived in time for the trip to Hyderabad. Whew! 

Looking back on the horrendous trip, I realised shit happens in life, and was not so concerned about it. If you step in cowdung, you can do nothing but wash it off and move on as though it never happened. 😛 Stay tuned for the next part.