A bitter sweet weekend

Yesterday I turned 23, as was evident in my previous post. When in Hyderabad, my mom had informed me that she would make gulab jamuns if I came home on my birthday. Needless to say, my tongue was hanging out at the mention of the delicious red sweet, and I promptly said I would be at home. 😀

Unlike the delayed trip on August 14th, as described in my previous blog, I took a TNSTC bus from Hosur at arrived at Chennai at 3.45 am! Taking an auto from Guindy for an exhorbitant fare, I reached home at around 4.15, and woke up my dad by calling him out from the bedroom window(our home is on GF). My dad was startled, but however he opened the door for me, wishing me a feeble “Happy birthday, Prasan”. I hit the sack immediately.

Mom woke me up at 9 am, greeting me with a hug. I had gulab jamuns and kanji(a kind of bran with milk?) for breakfast. Then switched on my system, and went to my twitter and orkut page, and patiently replied to each and every birthday wish from my friends, far and near, for the next hour. Many friends were chatting with me after a long time, and I was bemused with it. See, people find you are online, but don’t buzz you, unless its your birthday or there’s a bomb blast where you are and they want to know you are safe. ^o) I was asked about my plan for the day, to which I replied it would be a quiet birthday.

In the evening, i met Ice(aishwarya_n01) and Vinay(Vinay_vijayakumar), two of my constant companions back in my days at Shols; the former gave me a Calvin and Hobbes book as a gift, knowing I would love it. (Even the gift wrapper was really nice, with friendship messages adorning it). I treated both of them at Barista’s, and had one and a half hours of chit chat with them. Ice even came home and met my mom and ‘set dosa granny’ 😀

So far so good. Later in the evening, I went to see the ortho to have my troublesome knee inspected. The niggle had been bothering me for quite some time, and my visits to the physio at Infy did little to ease the pain, so I decided to have a specialist look at it. A look at an x-ray of my right knee told the ortho I had a slight ligament tear. 😦 😦 He advised me to take an MRI scan, and not to exert myself. And he said “DON’T PLAY FOOTBALL FOR SOME TIME”. Sigh! Life can be a b*tch at times. It’s ironical that I support a football club whose players spend most of their time on the treatment table. 😐 And to add to the dull evening, my club lost a match to an bottom-table opponent comprehensively. Sheesh!

Sunday was a lazy day for me; I spent hours chatting with mom and dad, and checking orkut and twitter. In the afternoon, I went to visit my cousin, who had delivered a healthy girl baby on 22nd, in the maternity clinic. The 2 day old baby look so cute and tiny, and thick black hair covered her head. Nervously but steadily, I held her in my huge hands, and she opened her eyes to look at me. Awwwwww.  I felt her tiny fingers and her bright pink toes, and tried to make her smile, succeeding to a small extent, before she began crying. Heh,first it’s Aditi and Shruti back in Hyderabad, and now it’s my niece who is making me smile and look at the positive side of life. 😀 My cousin was pleasantly surprised to see me, thinking I was still in Bangalore; however, she was glad I had come to ‘grace’ her yet-to-be-named daughter with my presence. 😉

Later, I went to the Devastanam temple to pray to Lord Venkateswara for a successful career and for my knee injury to heal quickly, so that I could get back into action on the football field asap. 🙂 Tonight, I travel back to Bangalore, and am taking mosquito repellent this time, learning a harsh lesson from yesterday’s travel. 😦 Till then, this blog won’t be updated as long as I am in Bangalore, unless a miracle occurs(read websense doesn’t work) or I use Wesley’s lappy to update. See you later.