PJ time – shoe on this!

In the KEC General BB, some guy was asking for suggestions to dry wet shoes the fastest way. One guy came up with a solution – tie the wet shoes and laces to the spinning fan; another suggested that the owner of the shoes spin under the running fan in the opposite direction. Our VMGR even suggested that the guy sit on an oscillating table fan on the floor, under the spinning ceiling fan. Not wanting to be left out, I left a message on the BB

“Stringing shoes to the spinning fan can be ‘shoecide’ for the shoes ;-)”

Needless to stay, my brain was fully alert after this contribution of mine, yearning to churn out some more crap PJs. Being the benevolent soul I am, I willingly let it run wild, and came up with some shoe PJs.

Q: Which cricketer is the cobbler’s role model? A: Greg/Ian Chappal

Q: What is the cobbler’s favourite flowe? A: Shoeflower

Q: What is the shoe’s favourite snack? A: Lace – No one can tie just one

Q: What is the cobbler’s favourite Chinese movie? A: Shoelin Soccer (Vinay Raikar deserves an applause for this wonderful contribution)

Q: What is the shoe’s favourite fruit? A: Cherry (shoe polish! Vinay did it again!)

Q: In Star wars, two main characters were Han Solo and Chewbacca. If it was renamed Shoe Wars, would they be called Han Sole and Shoebacca?

Q: In Mortal Kombat, if Shang Tsung was a shoe, what would he tell his foe after defeating him/her? A: “Your sole is mine!”  [From IMDB – Shang Tsung: Your soul is mine… ]

Q: Why did one shoe play a prank on another shoe? A: Just for kicks!

Q: What is the shoe’s favourite English soap? A: The bold and the boot-iful

Q: Which is the shoe’s favourite actress? A: Elizabeth Shoe (Shue)

Q: Which is the shoe’s favourite football club? A: Shoeventus (Juventus)

Q: What do u call a crazy shoe? A: Footloose

Q: Why was the pair of shoes too lazy to do any work? A:  Because they were loafers.

Q: What kind of shoes make good eavesdroppers? A:  Sneakers

Q: What’s the cobbler’s favourite wrestling move? A: Big boot

Q: What do you call a shoe doing drugs? A: High heels

Q: What do you call a cobbler who drives a F1 car? A: Michael Shoemaker (NOM to all MS fans 🙂 )

Q: What is the shoe’s favorite song? A: “The shoe must go on

Q: Why was the lady shoe embarassed? A: Because the male shoe was giving her shoe bites (Lady Ballal takes the cake for this one!)

Q: What’s the shoe’s favourite hindi movie? A: Shoe-t out at Lokandwala (Ballal again!)

Q: What did one shoe tell to another when they got lost? A: He sang “Shoe me the meaning of being lonely”

Q: What do shoes tell when they want to be alone for some time? A: I need shoelace (solace) [Divya Venkatesh]

Q: What did they call the flood at the shoe factory? A: Shoenami (Ballal)

Q: What do you call a music crazy shoe blogger? A: Shyam Shoeyambu

Q: What was the parliamentary expletive uttered when the sole came out? A: “Oh shoet!” (Rb PJ!)

Q: What do you call a nation of starving shoes? A: Shoemalia (half of this PJ credit goes to Pankaj)

Q: What’s the blogger’s ideal girl? A: Shoepriya! (Rinil’s masterpiece!)

Q: Why should cobblers play for the cricket team? Because they make fine slippers!

Many bloggers contributed their PJs in the internal blog, but I can’t remember them. Anyone who has a PJ in mind can comment here. 😀